The Connecticut Audio Society (CAS)
 Sign-Up Instructions for the Members-Only Website

Only CAS members can join the CTAudioSociety member siteIf you are not a CAS member and would like to become one, please see our Frequently Asked Questions and contact our Club Secretary who would be happy to help you out. The CAS member site is a valuable tool that members use to post files and share messages with other CAS participants. You can download a PDF with complete login instructions.  However, here's a brief overview.

1.   Membership is by invitation. All members receive an invitation email from the CTAudioSociety moderator with the subject Yahoo! Groups: You're invited! Join CTAudioSociety today. The email is valid for 30 days. Simply click the button Join this group and the link will take you to the Yahoo login page for the CTAudioSociety.

2.       On the website welcome page click Join the group and it will ask you for a user name and password. If you already have a Yahoo Groups account then you may use this information to log-in to the CTAudioSociety site. If you don't, then you will have to sign-up.

3.       Signing Up for a Yahoo Groups membership is free and very easy to do. You will be asked to fill in a form providing your contact information. Yahoo will ask you to setup a Yahoo email address but you do not need to use it for emails.  It simply is your user name for Yahoo Groups. Complete the page, confirm the information and you’ll be set.

4.       Once you have your ID you’ll be taken to the group log-in page.  Enter your user name and password and you’re done! Since you we pre-approved as a member you will join the group instantly.

5.      Once you're a member, please take the time to set your membership preferences. At the top of the home page is a small selection called edit membership. This valuable tool is where you can set your email preferences for the group. You can select to receive all messages, or a daily digest. You can also choose to receive only “Important” messages or none at all.

Save your changes. You are done!